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How we came to be acupuncturists?

Charlotte and Tom became interested in acupuncture when they received treatment themselves. ‘The significance of change was too much to ignore, we simply had to find out more about this dynamic medicine.’

Both Charlotte and Tom are active members of the BAcC (acupuncture.org.uk), the main regulatory body for traditional acupuncture in the UK and between them hold a BSc (Hons) in acupuncture and one in pathobiology.

What style of acupuncture do we practice?

Charlotte and Tom have each trained in the integrated style of Chinese medicine which draws on the strengths of both TCM and Five Element acupuncture, and they also use techniques such as moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and auricular acupuncture in their practice. They agree that the integrated style enables them to support people in achieving both physical and emotional health.

In 2006, Charlotte and Tom set up bigroomacupuncture.co.uk, a multi-bed clinic. They continue to work at Bigroom in both Oxford and Bristol, alongside colleagues. Additionally, they each work in private practice.

Tom says, ‘There are so many rewarding aspects of my work but supporting patients in a combined approach to the best possible levels of reproductive health, is the most fulfilling.”

Charlotte has undertaken training in psychotherapy, life coaching and counselling, and in addition to her acupuncture private practice enjoys teaching at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading (cicm.org.uk). ‘Working with students and their enthusiasm for the medicine keeps my mind inspired and my practice ever evolving. I feel I learn as much as they do, on many levels through the teaching’, she says.

Charlotte and Tom are passionate about what they do and encourage you to get in touch to discuss your specific treatment needs.

Call 0117 954 2116 / 07900814100

or email info@charlotteandtomacupuncture.co.uk.

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